Mobile fuel dispensers were developed in order to store, measure out and provide the fuel (gasoline) necessary for agricultural, shipping and other companies. Production is carried out in accordance with current laws and regulations, using quality material. These fuel dispensers are above the ground, double skinned mobile tanks (or single skinned ones with added safety area), with mechanical and electronical apparatus to fill, store and dispense the fuel.

WT01 kútoszlop


GWT01 fuel dispenser


Fuel (gasoline) dispenser for transportation of fuel oil and gas oil. The dispenser enables the revendication of commercial gas oil, in accordance with the CXXIII. enactment, 2010 (this means 17 Ft/litre in 2012).


PIUSI kútoszlop kijelző


Technical features of the GWT01 dispenser:

Flow capacity: 56 l/min or 90 l/min
Discharge pressure: 1,8bar / 2,5bar
Voltage: 230V
Amperage: 2,4A / 3,2A
Power: 0,37kW / 0,5kW
Torque: 1,25Nm / 4,1Nm
Speed: 2800 1/perc / 1400 1/perc
Digital display
PIN code fueling identification
CE classification



Kútoszlop vezérlőegység

How the GWT01 dispenser functions:

Refuelling is easy and safe using this fuel dispenser. In order to start, press the green button. The system will ask for the vehicle ID, the driver’s PIN code, and other necessary information, and if all data is correct, refuelling can start. At the end of the process, the control device sends data to the server via Internet, where it is stored safely.

Kútoszlop üzemanyag kijelző



Revendication of mercantile gas oil



After logging in on the Internet, the user can view each refuelment (sorted by vehicle or driver) to create an adequate document to request revendification.

As an extra service, we help your work by providing inventory accessible when logged into our webtransport system. Infromation can be viewed on graphs or in tables.
If fuel in the dispenser drops below 10%, the graph will turn red. Email notifications in case of drastic decrease in fuel are also an opportunity we provide, thus preventing unexpected shortage of fuel.

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In addition to our own products, we offer italian PIUSI dispensers as well.




Please note that according to current law restrictions, dispenser verification is not a requirement. We sell our products calibrated, but the verification process is still possible despite the product’s precision!


Fuel tanks, industrial tanks, mobile petrol stations, fuel dispensers

The mobilgázolajkú deals with production, assembly and distribution of petrol tanks and mobile petrol stations.
These petrol tanks can be easily and efficiently assembled, their operation and servicing can be carried out in a simple and economical way. The dispensers follow European Union standards and fulfill all safety requirements. With the use of these dispensers, it will be easier to monitor fuel consumption and the refuelment of vehicles; „over-consumption” can be decreased. It is possible to save millions annually, in cases of large consumption

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